Eligibility & Insurance

Do I meet Housecalls criteria?

If any of the following apply to you, you may qualify for My Choice Housecalls primary care services.

  • Being the sole caregiver for homebound patient

  • Difficulty leaving home or needing assistance/special transportation on outings

  • Limited mobility or unsteady gait

  • Use of cane, walker, wheelchair, or other medical equipment

  • Increased fall risk

  • Multiple hospitalizations / ER visits

  • Shortness of breath or use of oxygen

  • Difficulty making and keeping a doctor’s appointment

  • Lower extremity edema

  • Cognitive or behavioral impairment

  • Difficulty with activities of daily living

  • Obesity

  • Pain with minimal activity

  • Immunosuppressed state

  • Disabled

  • Bedbound

Will my insurance cover Housecalls services?

We accept Medicare and all supplemental/secondary insurance plans. We accept all PPO plans out of network (there may be some costs associated due to individuals co-pay or deductible) Just like going out to see a primary care doctor in the community, Medicare part B plans are covered at 80% and if you have a supplemental/secondary plan they will typically cover the remaining 20%. 

What if I don’t have health insurance?

No worries! We can see any patient in the community at a private pay rate. Payments are collected at the time of scheduling.

New Patient Visits- $150

Follow-up Visits- $100